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artwork by Inaya Hodieb

Here is June’s events and exhibitions list happening throughout the month, this list is updated regularly so keep checking, scroll down to see the latest as events and exhibitions are listed per date ascendingly.

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The Third Line

Dubai, June 4: Summer Show 2014


Sara Naim, Shimmer - from the series Land Scapes, 2013, C-Type Digital Print. Courtesy: The Third Line.
Sara Naim, Shimmer – from the series Land Scapes, 2013, C-Type Digital Print. Courtesy: The Third Line.

Occasion: The Third Line will be closing the season with Summer Show 2014, presenting a selection of artworks by artists represented by the gallery and those who have shown at the gallery in the past.

With a series of media ranging across photography, painting, sculpture and installations, Summer Show 2014 will be showcasing the works of Arwa Abouon, Ala Ebtekar, Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Golnaz Fathi, Hassan Hajjaj, Huda Lutfi, Laleh Khorramian, Pouran Jinchi, Rana Begum, Rhea Karam, Sara Naim and others.

The exhibition will include new works, as well as those that have never been shown in Dubai, bringing home works such as Laleh Khorramian’s special project from Art Basel 2013; photographs by Sara Naim, one of the youngest and newest artists on the gallery roster; Ala Ebtekar’s lightboxes from Frieze London 2013; and earlier works by Pouran Jinchi from the 90s, amongst others.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 4 at 6 PM

Duration: June 4 – July 23, 2014

Location: The Third Line, Dubai

Gallery Wendi Norris

San Francisco, June 5: Christine Elfman’s Fix & Fade


Artwork by Elfman Pillars. Courtesy to artist.
Artwork by Elfman Pillars. Courtesy to artist.

Occasion: Gallery Wendi Norris is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by Christine Elfman, recipient of the 2014 San Francisco Artist Award. Through a selection of photographs and paintings, Elfman’s Fix & Fade explores the longing for stability while acknowledging the reality of change.

Elfman is a Bay Area artist working in photography, painting and film. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Elfman holds a BFA in Painting from Cornell University and an MFA in Photography from the California College of the Arts (CCA). She received the San Francisco Foundation Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship, the Graduate Merit Scholarship at CCA, and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists Fellowship.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 5, 2014, 6 – 8 pm

Duration: June 5 – August 2, 2014

Location: Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

San Francisco, June 5: Val Britton’s Passage

Installation by Val Britton
Installation by Val Britton

Occasion: San Francisco’s Val Britton will install her first solo exhibition at Gallery Wendi Norris. Britton’s exhibition coincides with her immense public installation at the San Francisco International Airport and follows on her residency and corporate commission for Facebook. Britton will transform the gallery’s space with a massive installation of her hand cut assorted papers in her thematic series of cartography inspired landscapes.

Opening Reception: JUNE 05, 2014 from 6:00-8:00PM

Duration: June 5 – August 2, 2014

Location: Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

Dar Al Mussawir

Beirut, June 5: Rashwan Abdelbaki’s Light Up Darkness


Artwork by Rashwan Abdelbaki. Courtesy to artist.
Artwork by Rashwan Abdelbaki. Courtesy to artist.

Occasion: Art exhibition by Rashwan Abdelbaki in Dar Al Mussawir. “Moment, Music, Family” through an art exhibition combining etching, mixed painting, and digital art.

Rashwan is a Syrian artist with Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University. Participated in solo and collective exhibitions in Syria and Lebanon.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 5 at 6pm.

Duration: June 5th and 19th.

Location: Dar Al Mussawir, Hamra (Beirut)


Brussels, June 5: HE AN’s Wind Light as a Thief​


installation by HE AN 'Wind Light as a Thief​'
installation by HE AN ‘Wind Light as a Thief​’


Occasion: Galerie Templon is showing a series of neon installations by conceptual Chinese artist He An, never before seen in Brussels. He An’s light sculptures are made up of characters stolen – with the complicity of the police and the local mafia – from the signs that light up his native city of Wuhan.

Using these stolen ideograms, often damaged by the weather and the course of time, the artist recreates the names of people who are dear to him. We see the name of his father, a martyr of the regime, and of a Japanese erotic actress, the illicit heroine of his youth when her banned videos circulated secretly in China.He An’s work is autobiographic and obsessive: he offers us an approach to contemporary Chinese society that is both intimate and subversive.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 5 June from 5:30 – 8:30PM

 Duration: JUNE 5 – JULY 19, 2014


Paris, June 7: Norbert Bisky’s Works on Paper

Artwork by Norbert Bisky. Courtesy: Galerie Daniel Templon
Artwork by Norbert Bisky. Courtesy: Galerie Daniel Templon

Occasion: German painter Norbert Bisky is returning to Galerie Daniel Templon this summer with a new and spectacular series of works on paper at the Impasse Beaubourg space. The artist is releasing his demons with a series of previously unseen watercolours and oil paintings on paper that play on the conflict between the life instinct and the death instinct.

Norbert Bisky’s figurative style of painting, conjuring up the socialist realism he experienced as a child in GDR, is striking in its use of shimmering colours and its apocalyptic visions. Peopled by beautiful young men, his work depicts ambiguous scenes that lie somewhere between natural catastrophe, battlefield and festivities. Norbert Bisky likes to create a link between chaos and beauty. He combines elements taken from our contemporary hedonistic culture with reminiscences of past ideologies.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 7 from noon to 8PM

Duration: JUNE 7 – JULY 25, 2014


Paris, June 7: Chiharu Shiota’s Small Room

Chiharu Shiota’s Small Room installation
Chiharu Shiota’s Small Room installation

Occasion: Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota is returning to Galerie Daniel Templon with A new project named Small Room. The artist has transformed the gallery space with a spectacular installation of hanging suitcases and miniature sculptures in woven thread.

Chiharu Shiota combines performance, body art and installations in a process that places the body at the centre of her sculptural work. She is famed for her vast structures in black and red wool thread that imprison various evocative objects, such as musical instruments, dolls’ dresses, shoes and beds. The graphic network that connects the elements invokes the power of interpersonal bonds, the subject’s inevitable dependency on her or his roots, the very relationships that are harmed by the individualism of modern Western culture.  “The threads are woven together.  They become entangled. They tear.  They unravel.  They are like a mirror of the emotions,” writes Chiharu Shiota.

In Hamburg, Chiharu Shiota joined Marina Abramovic’s class in the 1990s. Her artistic language was influenced by pioneering artists Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse and Ana Mendieta, both in terms of the physical experimentation and focus on the unconscious, and the choice of delicate materials like fabrics and thread, traditionally associated with femininity.

Opening Reception: SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2014 FROM NOON TO 8PM

Duration: JUNE 7 – JULY 25, 2014



Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch

Rome, June 9: ICONIC | IRONIC


Artwork by Neal Fox
Artwork by Neal Fox

Occasion: Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch is proud to inaugurate the exhibition ICONIC | IRONIC; a group show of three talented illustrators: Neal Fox, Fausto Gilberti and Hell’O Monsters who make their singular elegy to the great masters of art, with an ironic and playfully sarcastic work of desecration-consecration. Their respect and admiration for these masters is demonstrated through the iconoclastic confrontation and comparison seen this apparently irreverent and light-hearted show of their work.

The three illustrators attempt to interpret these great artists, praise them and go beyond them with a series of witty laudatory and deconstructive citations. A rather impertinent homage by these three which stems from their admiration and deference of the protagonists of the “old school”, who still represent powerful references and inspiration today for their immediate recognition, their unrivalled professions and personal lives.

In this exhibition they become source of inspiration for surreal and dreamlike suggestions, puzzles and paradoxes in a fun and caustic journey that enhances through their drawing technique, the strong individuality of each illustrator, transversely linked by an ironic, mocking trait.

Opening Reception: Monday June 9, 2014 at 6 PM

Duration: June 9 – September 13, 2014

Location: Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, Rome.

A4 Space

Dubai: June 9: Mon Oncle Film Screening

Scene from Mon Oncle
Scene from Mon Oncle

Occasion: Academy Award winning comedy ‘Mon Oncle’ (My Uncle),1958 by Jaques Tati will be screened at our A4 Space by Alserkal Avenue- the hub for arts &! With classic slapstick setpieces and wonderful scenes of inner and suburban Paris, Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle is undoubtedly one of the most beloved comedies of all time.

Young Gerald Arpel (Alain Bécourt) lives a well-organised life with his equally well-organised parents in a house filled with contraptions and devices that make it, well, well-organised! Enter his eccentric and old-fashioned uncle, Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati). With effortlessly gangly grace, Jacques Tati muddles bewilderedly through the most mechanical of homes, creating havoc along the way. Whether employed in Mr Arpel’s factory or helping Mrs Arpel host a garden party, Monsieur Hulot shows that a mod con is no match for an old pro!

With the unmistakable combination of fedora, trenchcoat, umbrella and pipe, Mon Oncle marks the moment where the character of Monsieur Hulot went from cult figure to cultural icon. A massive international sensation on release, the film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1958. This film is a joyous experience, whether you’re meeting Mon Oncle as a new acquaintance or an old friend.

Opening Reception: Monday June 9 at 7pm

Location: A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue, Al Qouz (Dubai)


Al Riwaq Art Space

Manama, June 9: Memories Recreated

Memories Recreated Poster. Al Riwaq Art Space
Memories Recreated Poster. Al Riwaq Art Space

Occasion: Al Riwaq Art Space invites you to the opening of a photography exhibition in collaboration with CanvasBH, featuring artists Gaye Bentham, Haya Al-Khalifa, Isa Swain, Rasha Yousif.

Gaye Bentham was born in and raised in England came to Bahrain in 1983 and uses her passion for photography to capture emotive images that communicate the beauty, wonder and mystery she finds in the world. Haya Al Khalifa is a Documentary & Street photographer living in Bahrain. British-Bahraini artist Isa Swain works with different media, including photography, digital video and film, sound, performance art and installations. His practice engages with the space between things and with issues of the alien and the disconnected. Rasha Yousif who is born and raised in Muharraq (Bahrain) is passionate about documentary and travel photography focusing on culture, architecture and traditional ways of living. She captures moving objects or vibrant colors are what keeps her photos alive.

Opening Reception: Monday, June 9 at 7:00pm

Duration: June 9 – June 24

Location: Al Riwaq Art Space, Manama (Bahrain).


Dar Al Funoon

Kuwait, June 10: Ibraheem Al-Attiyah

artwork by Ibraheem Al-Attiyah
artwork by Ibraheem Al-Attiyah

Occasion: Dar Al Funoon cordially invites you to an exhibition of works by Ibraheem Al-Attiyah. Born in Kuwait, Ibraheem Al-Attiyah earned his Bachelors in Art Education and is currently working as a teacher at the Formative Art Institute. In addition, Al-Attiyah worked as a portrait artist in Awan newspaper and Al-Majaalis magazine and has illustrated several childrens books. His works deal mainly with calligraphic letters and Al-Attiyah is recognized internationally after his participation in the 2014 Bonhams art auction in London and the JAMM auction.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 10th at 7pm

Duration: June 10th to 26th, 2014.

Beirut Art Center

Beirut, June 11: 3rd Fundraising Auction


artwork by Inaya Hodieb
artwork by Inaya Hodieb

Occasion: Beirut Art Center is a non-profit space dedicated to contemporary art in Lebanon. The Center is holding its third fundraising auction, the proceeds from which will go toward securing a part of the funds required for the operating costs and upcoming activities. The artworks included in the auction have been generously donated by artists who have exhibited at BAC. Online bids will transfer to the live event.

Viewing: May 29 – June 11, 2014

Auction Date: Wednesday, June 11

Location: Beirut Art Center, Beirut

 El Bab Gallery

Cairo, June 17: AMEN – A Prayer for the World


Amen Group Show Exhibition
Amen Group Show Exhibition

Occasion: El Bab Gallery proud to invite you to the 2014 CARAVAN Exhibition of Visual Art titled “AMEN – A Prayer for the World” sponsored by SODIC. This artistic project aims to express the fundamental power and hope in the universe for all people. The exhibition is an art initiative that serves as an aspirational expression for both the people of Egypt and the rest of the world, which will be hosted by religious dignitaries.

AMEN-A Prayer for the World is co-curated by CARAVAN founder Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler and participating celebrated Egyptian artist Reda Abdel Rahman. The Exhibition will be on display in Egypt and the United States, opening first with 30 Egyptian sculptures in Cairo, Egypt in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture on the Cairo Opera House grounds.

The 30 Egyptian artists participating include renowned, established and emerging artists are: Ahmed Shiha, Ahmed Abdel Krim, Amr El Kafrawy, Ammar Abou Bakr, Ahmed Talal, Dahlia Refaat, Emad Abdel Wahab, Farghaly Abdel Hafiz, Farid Fadel, Gamil Shafik, Gamal Lamie, Hamdy Reda, Hossam Sakr, Hesham Nawwar, Hisham El Zeiny, Khaled Sorour, Karim Abdel Malak, Mahmoud Hamdy, Mohamed Abou El Naga, Mohamed Abla, Mohamed El Masry, Mohamed Shaker, Marwa Adel, Maha George, Neveen Taher, Reda Abdel Rahman, Salah El Meligy, Souad Abdel Rasoul, Tarek El Sheikh and Wael Darwish.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 17at 7:00pm

Duration: from June 17th to July 1st

Location: El Bab Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo Opera House



Hidden Gems Exposed in Dar Al Funoon Art Night

Acrylic on Canvas Painting by Yousef Al Qoud

In vibrant, social-friendly event, Dar Al Funoon hosted its 3rd Affordable Art Night – Young Artists Edition on January 21st featuring a wide collection of paintings, collage, photography, sculptures, drawings and fine jewelry.

The 3rd Affordable Art Night – Young Artists Edition was dedicated to support young artists and shed lights on their talents, calling emerging artists from Kuwait and Middle East to participate in exhibition which eventually showcased artworks by: Ali Al Mutairi, Faisal Mohammed, Mohammed Sharaf, Farah Al Kandiri, Farah Khajah, Maha Al Askar, Khaled Al Najdi, Khalid Al Sahaly, Zena Dabbous, Yousef Al Qoud, William Anderson, Ghadeer Ali, Mohammed AbuHakmeh, Philip Kamble, Roa Al Shaheen, Usra AlMadhoun, Immanuel Rhema , Mohammed Razzoqi and Jacquelin Talotta.

Crowd at Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show
Crowd at Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show
Crowd at Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show
Crowd at Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show
Photography by Usra ElMadhoun (left) - Ali Al Mutairi (right)
Photography by Usra ElMadhoun (left) – Ali Al Mutairi (right)
Collage artworks by Maha Al Asker
Collage artworks by Maha Al Asker
Mohammed AbuHakmeh Artwork 'Feel It'
Farah Al Kandiri Artwork ‘Feel It’

The Good & The Excellent!

Two things I totally loved about the event and I will tell you why: selection of artworks and excellent curating! Let’s start with curating: with over 30 pieces to display; varied between digital art – paintings – photography – installations … etc , the artworks were tidy hanged & well-organized way, the space didn’t feel over crowded or missy, visitors were not distracted, everything felt like it was placed in harmony.

Most importantly there were no huge price tags tangling from artworks, which is a mistake some galleries don’t pay attention to! Huge tag prices makes the gallery look like a bazaar and lowers the value of artwork itself. If an Affordable Art Night would be done, it should be curated the way Dar Al Funoon did because it was done perfectly.

Details from Immanuel Amrita Rhema Artwork
Details from Immanuel Amrita Rhema Artwork
Digital Art by Jacquelin Talotta
Digital Art by Jacquelin Talotta
Khalid Al Sahaly Photography
Khalid Al Sehaly Photography
Khaled Al Najdi Artworks
Khaled Al Najdi Artworks
Artworks by Faisal Mohammed
Artworks by Faisal Mohammed
Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show
Dar Al Funoon 3rd Affordable Art Show

The Daring… Innovative… And Captivating

As I said, the second thing I love was selection of artworks. It was a mixture of contemporary and modern; some very daring like Mohammed Sharaf’s sociopolitical digital art, Yousef Al Qoud painting. Innovative like William Anderson’s ‘China Trade Tile’ series where he used cobalt blue paint, decal and transfer print on porcelain.

Mohammed Sharaf Digital Art
Mohammed Sharaf Digital Art
Mohammed Sharaf 'Democracy' (left) 'Morsi' (right) Digital Art
Mohammed Sharaf ‘Democracy’ (left) ‘Chair’ (right) Digital Art
Acrylic on Canvas Painting by Yousef Al Qoud
Acrylic on Canvas Painting by Yousef Al Qoud
Yousef Al Qaud 'Adorned' Acrylic on Canvas.
Yousef Al Qaud ‘Adorned’ Acrylic on Canvas.
'China Trade Tile' Series by William Anderson
‘China Trade Tile’ Series by William Anderson
William Anderson 'China Trade Tile: A Secret Passage'. Medium: cobalt blue paint, decal and transfer print on porcelain.
William Anderson ‘China Trade Tile: A Secret Passage’. Medium: cobalt blue paint, decal and transfer print on porcelain.

But the most art piece that caught my mind was ‘Over Population’ installation by Roa Al Shaheen (below): a fish jar filled with water cluttered with fishes, they all seemed dead because the ones at bottom were smashed by the above who were floating as there was no room for them to swim and breathe.

Roa Al Shaheen 'Over Populated' Sculpture/Installation
Roa Al Shaheen ‘Over Population’ Installation
Details from Roa Al Shaheen 'Over Population' Installation
Details from Roa Al Shaheen ‘Over Population’ Installation (Source)

The significance of this artwork is it depicts the consequences of jamming people in small corner and pressuring them, they will all fight for surviving and exceeding but in the end non reach it. Al Shaheen, who is also an architect and interior designer, represented this in-human situation in a symbolic, contemporary installation so simple yet deep.

The Conclusion!

Dar Al Funoon’s 3rd Affordable Art Night – Young Artists Edition, was a success: exposing new talents, emphasizing others and giving opportunity for viewers to witness unique creativity, that must not be underestimated or taken for granted Looking forward to see what all these artists will present in the future!

Photography by Usra ElMadhoun
Photography by Usra ElMadhoun


Collective Talents and Passion for Creativity at CAP!

Vincent Abadie Hafez mural inspired by Mahmoud Darweish poem 'The Mural'

Closing reception was never as fun as the one Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) – Kuwait hosted last Saturday for Mutual Writing – Calligraffiti Workshops led by French artist Vencient Abodie Hafez, ending a 10-days playful workshops for students, public and artists.

The event was held at CAP – Warehouse, with live music on, visitors participated in exposure of the collective murals done by public by peeling and wiping some of the walls with your own hands. Also, artists who took part in the workshops revealed their final artworks on the CAP – Warehouse walls.

The closing reception included artworks done by students from local schools and by art lovers during the free workshops were Vincent was present and interacted with them. On a an advanced level, the event also featured art pieces done by artisits: Abdullah Al- Enezi, Ahmed Abu Addas, Ahmed Al-Ayoub, Amani Thuwaini, Amira Behbehani, Cyda Oskay, Hamad Al-Saab, Lewis Champman, Mohammad Sharaf, Steven Hamp and Tariq Al-Sultan.

It should be noted that Vincent’s 1000 x 600 cm mural is inspired by Mahmoud Darweish most beautiful influential poem “The Mural“.

It all felt like a collective group show were talents, passion for exploration and creativity melted together to create an open space master pieces! To read more about the event, click here. You don’t want to miss any upcoming events held by CAP because it won’t be like any other ;)

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Dar Al Funoon: Open Call for Artists!


Kuwait based prominent gallery, Dar al Funoon is hosting an affordable art night in January 2013 and calling young artists to take part of the exhibition!


  • Open to all emerging artists 18 -35 years.
  • All work must be original.
  • Mediums include, but not limited to, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, glass, wood, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, and digital/new media.
  • Submit a minimum of 5 works along with CV and personal statement (please do not send hi-res images).

Kindly note: Priority is for Kuwait based artists, but any artist complies the above conditions is welcome to participate. Shipping work is on the artist though.

Take this oppertunity to highlight your creativity and showcase at Dar al Funoon. Deadline to submit work is Thursday December 20th 2012. 




Leila Heller Gallery Hosts Young Collectors Exhibition


New York based promenint gallery, Leila Heller Gallery is hosting ‘The Young Collectors Exhibition’ a collective exhibition by gallery’s artists plus a wide selection of works by international emerging artists who have been invited to show at the gallery.

Taking place from December 18, 2012 to January 12, 2013, the exhibition is curated for emerging collector which will feature 100 works priced between $500 and $5,000.

“Our intention in putting together this exhibition was to de-mystify the gallery environment, bringing together an aesthetically diverse range  of affordable works to help new collectors develop their eye and encourage them to begin investing in art,” explains  Alexandra Wagle the curator of ‘The Young Collectors Exhibition’ alongside with  Laura Mintz.

“We view the exhibition space as a re-imagination of the old salon, creating an opportunity for young collectors to engage with artists that they may not normally have access to.” said Wagle.


Julia Mandle ‘Political Art Embarrasses Me’ C-print, 26.7 x 25.4 cm, 2007.


There are over 30 artists participating in the exhibition including Richard Fleischner (a series of textured, geometric photographs of the LeWitt House in Praiano, Italy), Karl Mann Untitled (Lips), Untitled (Gorilla), Untitled (Tongue)Untitled (Parrot), Alexander Yulish (who has worked with creative greats such as Ash Cohen and David Lynch), Zac Buehner, Jason Castro, Philip Smith, Martin Saar, Kezban Arca Batibeki, Julia Mandle, Alexis Laurent, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Firooz Zahedi,  among others.

10% of the sales from The Young Collectors Exhibition will be donated to the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, which has recently set  up a Hurricane Sandy relief fund for visual artists. If your are in New York at that time don’t foget to RSVP:


About Leila Heller Gallery

Founded in 1982, Leila Heller Gallery has established a worldwide reputation in both the primary and secondary art market. Known for an active and innovative exhibition schedule, the gallery shows paintings, works on paper, sculpture, installation and video from international contemporary artists to modern masters, with a specialization in artists from the Middle East.

The gallery has placed work in major private collections and museums internationally. With a rigorous art fair schedule, Leila Heller Gallery participates in fairs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Istanbul.